Seeking your Financial Support

The International Mass Timber Alliance (IMTA) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the USA comprised of industry leaders, manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers, researchers, engineers, scientists, various associations, and their members. The IMTA mission is to promote mass wood construction and sustainability, energy efficiency, low embodied energy, and carbon sequestration. This includes research in the fields of architecture and construction, and ensures the research and outcomes are useful to all interested parties, including the public. Our first priority is immediate funding toward research. We count on your and/or your organization’s sponsorship to further our research.

Several of the benefits of sponsorship will include understanding the use of the new information that is developed in your marketing and sales, learning about approaches to business development being used in this industry in other regions of the world, and providing input to development of technical information needed to meet the needs of your company.

Current building energy codes and standards say that these characteristics of mass wood are not sufficient to achieve the target of net zero energy. IMTA, with worldwide sponsors, is working with the US DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), researchers and major mass wood manufacturers to demonstrate the energy benefits of mass wood and its contribution to the goals of energy codes and standards. Architect, engineers, mass timber manufacturers, construction equipment and material suppliers, building occupants, and policymakers will benefit.

IMTA is coordinating research and marketing information development among all three geographic areas. As the research is completed, IMTA will be working to disseminate data pertinent to the development of building codes and energy standards that reflect wood’s value proposition.

Results of IMTA’s work will include a new generation of sustainable mass wood structures, setting a strong precedence that aligns with global net zero energy strategies.


Donations can be mailed to the address listed below or submitted on the website Sponsorship

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