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Mass Timber

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What is Mass Timber?

MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources explains what cross-laminated timber is and how this old material has been reimagined into a cutting-edge building material. Learn how it can save time and money on your next project.

Our Mission

The IMTA is a nonprofit 501c3 that promotes Mass Timber and Wood Construction. Our focus is securing the future of mass timber in the energy revolution. We focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, low embodied energy, and carbon sequestration.

We help identify mass timber and wood construction barriers in residential and commercial applications. We do this through-

  • Scientific research and testing in collaboration with post-secondary institutions, government, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Data collection and using it to develop building codes and energy standards that include Mass Timber and Wood Construction.

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2024 Research Fundraising Goal


Benefits of Sponsorship

The most important benefit of sponsorship in the IMTA is the ability to participate in and support the mass timber industry for the long term. The intent of the IMTA is to identify and be responsive and pro-active to factors that affect the industry’s future. Within that, the IMTA’s 5-year plan is to be active in representing the industry in model building code development and to promote the positive benefits of mass timber construction as the most sustainable building system. Future efforts may study lifestyle cycle benefits, carbon emissions/capture, and other factors pertaining to the mass timber industry.

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